About LeadChimp

Welcome to LeadChimp. We are at the forefront of lead generation service, offering our advertising partners and lead buyers a wide array of services, ensuring their growth and success.

A team of industry veterans with more than 30 years of combined experience founded LeadChimp. They previously worked for a large, multi-million dollar lead generation company and are now making their expertise more accessible to small to mid-sized businesses.

Working with the biggest lead generation companies may be a good option for some, but with their size, they seldom pay attention to the smaller clientele and stick you with novice account managers. This often leaves clients unsatisfied and feeling unheard. We always believed that if we had control, we would do things differently.

Hence, we founded LeadChimp. LeadChimp is our solution to providing the same quality of service as large lead generation companies, but we give more value to our client’s needs and wants. We make it a point for the company to be customer-centric.

With LeadChimp, we envision a company immersed in all aspects of the lead generation industry which can provide a more personalized concierge service to our clients. We assist our clients with all aspects of the project, from developing marketing copy to the integration of lead delivery with optimization of traffic and guidance in working the leads properly.

We want to provide quality leads over quantity of leads. To accomplish this, we apply on a personalized approach using our proprietary technology and experience to yield high converting yet compliant lead-generating services. And since we’re performance-based, our services are more equitable for our clients since we only charge PER LEAD or PER ACTION. As a result, our clients do not pay for services that have not yielded results.

We’re proud to have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the years, helping them fulfill their lead-generation requirements, which eventually led to their business growth and expansion. As a result, many of our original clients remain satisfied and have continued to rely on us for their marketing and lead gen requirements. This is a testament to how consistent we are with our mandate. Our clients enjoy receiving unmatched attention and service with LeadChimp’s professional expertise, seasoned network, and proprietary technology.

In a world where results matter and are critical, don’t get left behind by the competition. Let us help you stay one step ahead by taking advantage of our services. To learn more about how LeadChimp can help you grow your business, please feel free to contact us.